#Malaysia extends MCO to Feb 18, 2021. You know the drill. Here something for you guys..

Covid cases keep on rising in #Malaysia. Damn! I'm getting stuck here at Kedah and unable to see my family at Perak. Welp, just got to think positive and follow

Guess what? Happy Birthday to me! I'm turning 26. I feel old...

Here a short comic for you guys! I'm sorry for my lacking posts lately. Been quite busy with life and works. Hope you guys like it. Have a nice day. Thanks for

Selamat Menyambut Hari Natal, Merry Christmas to all. Here, have some Skadi and Nero. I hope you guys like it and have a nice day!

Special comic for my last tweet #FGO

*Put on Glasses* Critical Hits!!!

Rhongomyniad!! 1 or 2? #FGO

Oops looks like you hit a dead end.