Foreigner Class Servants' Christmas Plans Foreigner Servants' Christmas Plan

Wait a minute waitaminute

ForeignerGO # 23: Why are you crying? (Why are you crying?)

ForeignerGO # 22: With a gentle voice (Gently)

Happy #Thanksgiving #FGO

ForeignerGO # 21: You asked me

ForeignerGO # 20: I was crying

ForeignerGO # 17: Foreigner Gogh Response: Totosama. .. .. Please erase that photo. Ōi: Toto-sama ... please erase all the pictures you took.

ForeignerGO # 16: Van Gogh Finally (formidable enemy) Hokusai who met a big fan Ōi finally meets her biggest (adversary) fan

Oops looks like you hit a dead end.