All Might and Aizawa, 1A parents

Toshinori Yagi "As such, it truly became his quirk"

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Conversation Trevo @Trevoshere I want Deku to have at least a couple of selfies with All Might on his phone.

"Indeed the path I walked was bloody... but that's exactly what I don't want for your son" Yagi Toshinori & Midoriya Izuku

Thank you All Might, for keeping an watchful eye and for giving us this look

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My very first All Might drawing (2019) vs my latest one. Thank you so much for the 20k!!!Sparkling heart

Young heroes (with Toshinori as the babysitter)

manga spoilers > Thinking about how Nana can see All Might now, but he can't see herPleading face A touch that isn't there

Crossover - The comic is good in its own way

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Oops looks like you hit a dead end.